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Acrylic bath

Along with the traditional cast iron and steel bathtubs significant market share of the plumbing fixtures up acrylic baths. Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic baths have repeatedly described, and yet no consensus about them there.

Some believe that acrylic baths are the best option of all possible, others - that can be installed acrylic bathtub, only if no other is not suitable.

Replacement acrylic baths

The truth, as we know, is approximately in the middle. Yet, to ensure the most objective choice, in this article we will not dwell on the merits, and analyze existing shortcomings of acrylic bathtubs. Maybe not as bad as the skeptics say?

But first - what are acrylic bathtubs?

Acrylic Bathtubs: general information

Acrylic tubs (as their name implies) is made from a special polymer material - acrylic.

There are two technologies of production of acrylic bathtubs, and accordingly, all acrylic bathtubs are divided into:


The plasticity of acrylic allows him baths of various shapes and sizes, which is why it is used for the manufacture of designer models of baths.

Bath Acrylic

For the strength of acrylic baths outside cover of epoxy resin and mounted on a special metal frame.

Disadvantages and advantages of acrylic bathtubs are widely described in the Internet, and we will try to impartially analyze all these facts.

Acrylic bath: a critical analysis

Disadvantages of acrylic baths

Thus, the minimum information that are acrylic bathtubs, we have received. It is time to analyze what, in fact, bad acrylic bathtub: disadvantages is that really the case or particular, which under certain conditions can be tolerated.

Cracks in acrylic

Thus, the disadvantages:

It is not enough high resistance to high temperatures. Typically, acrylic, which is used to manufacture bath has a melting point of 160 degrees Celsius.
Naturally, this thermal stress bath acrylic exposed will not be - but there are precedents when filled with hot water acrylic bathtubs are deformed.
Of course, this applies baths of economy segment, but if you have, for example, a bathtub steel - disadvantages of this type can generally be ignored, unlike the situation with acrylic bathtub.
Another disadvantage of acrylic baths is their mechanical fragility. Firstly, under your weight acrylic bathtub can sag and "play" that could bring some discomfort.
And secondly, the fall in acrylic bathtub rather heavy object it may form a crack or hole. Again, it can be repaired - but the situation is not pleasant.
The third drawback - it is sensitive to acrylic household products. If a steel or cast-iron bath can be cleaned with almost any medium (except very very harsh chemicals and abrasives), for acrylic baths have to buy special cleaning agent.
And if you try to "walk" on the acrylic bath more conventional cleaning agents, be prepared to scratch, clouding and discoloration of acrylic.

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