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Landscaping: Moorish style.  RSS 2.0

Landscaping: Moorish style.

Moorish style, also known as the Islamic, he's eastern ... It is like an oasis in the desert. This style is distinguished by the bright colors of the landscape: flowers, greenery, water. There should be, at least, a small body of water. Cent of the total composition is decorated with a pond or fountain. Depart from the center of the four "channel", it can be floral or tracks or streams. Thus, the entire area is divided into four equal parts, optionally in the form of a square. If too large squares, then they may be the same, are divided into four parts. But, importantly, in the center should be water!

Plant growth limit is not: no haircuts or formation. Flower beds should be lush and bright, and there, calling card, perform roses, lavender, lilies, poppies.
Mandatory and plots with herbs, where you have to plant lemon balm, mint, catnip. And the fruit trees should be on the site - they an integral part of the Moorish style. It is necessary to plant apple, cherry, plum, pear, plum, and in the near-wellbore portion, it is necessary to plant lawn grass and plants pochvokrovnye.

Many tracks, many secluded villages and paved areas, fine, fine tiles, lined with mosaic pattern. It is worth remembering that the eastern canons, if there is a fountain on the site, or figures, then they should not be representing animals or humans. If the plot is decorated with furniture, be sure to white and delicate.

If done correctly, the site will be fabulous with the intoxicating aroma of flowers, which is so sweet and warm coats. A riot of colors and greens will attract to yourself. The gentle murmur of water - calms, the water will be as if to whisper that everything in this world is coming, and as quietly as the water goes ....

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