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Construction and Materials

Construction - a branch of material production, which are the basic foundations of production and non-production, turnkey building, building construction, construction, and their complexes "- so the word" construction "is described in the dictionaries.

  Probably every person in his life faced with the need to build something - a house or a small country house, garage, bath, or, at worst, a barn ... so no need to discuss how the final result of construction work depends on the right choice of construction technology quality and proper selection of construction materials, as well as tools. This, the main and most important composes any construction and dedicated our project.

Construction is one of the largest and one of the most peaceful and creative industries. In the construction industry employs approximately 14 percent of the total number of workers and employees who are engaged in material production. Increasing industrialization and the quality of construction and mechanization of labor-intensive processes has made major changes in the technology of construction, and in its organization and management.

Already in ancient times were known and widely used in building construction building materials such as Burnt bricks, roofing tiles, ceramic tiles, water pipes, plaster and lime Cementing materials, and many other building materials. Development of construction of hydraulic structures became possible to obtain binders, which retain their strength under water. For example, in ancient Rome, a mixture of lime and pozzolan (volcanic ash), and in some regions of Russia - used tsemyanku - a mixture of lime and pounded brick. The appearance in the first quarter of the XIX century Portland, which has high mechanical strength and water hardening, caused the production and use in the construction of concrete and reinforced concrete, applicable to the present day.

Building materials take over the bulk of the costs of the facility - from 54% of the cost. Of course, this percentage may be increased in different cases - it depends on the quality of construction materials, and the estimated amount of work.

The choice of building materials is one of the major issues in the construction of any object, cottage, villa or industrial complex. From the quality of the building material zaivist durability and reliability of the building, as well as its aesthetic appearance.

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