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Installation of air conditioners and split-systems

It is summer heat. How do you want to feel the cool breeze even at home!
For this only need to buy a split-system or air conditioning. Our company carries out the sale, installation and service of air conditioners and split systems.
You can buy konditseoner lg elsewhere, and our master will install a split system in your home. You can also buy a split-system in our company.
Just give us a call and let us know what area of ??the room in which the planned installation of the air conditioner.
We will select the appropriate options for split systems, the best according to your means, appearance and size.
Our experts make installation of air conditioners and split systems from manufacturers such as LG, Mitsubishi, Electrolux, Toshiba, Samsung, GeneralClimate, Hitachi, Dantex, Daikin, Panasonic, Ballu, and others.
Installation of split systems
Price of installation of split-tem varies on the type of model, the path length. You can buy an air conditioner here, brackets and get a gift!
Maintenance of air conditioners and split-stistem
If you already have a split system air conditioner or before starting her summer be sure to inspect the wizard.
First, you need to clean up, both external and internal. Second, check for loose connections, damage to seals, the presence of Freon.
Remember, regular maintenance of the split-tem saves energy and prolongs the life of the air conditioner, improves the quality of air, removes bacteria from your air!
A list of maintenance work a split system:
-Control Of pressure Freon line
-When Neobhodimosti- freon refueling
-Ochischenie Filters of the indoor unit
-Ochischenie Heat exchange unit
-Ochischenie Fans ODU
-cleaning Drainage
-Inspektirovanie Functioning of the split-system
-obrabotka bacteria
-Inspektirovanie Tightness of connections
-Inspektirovanie Electrical parts of the system
Our company offers high-quality services at affordable prices.
Our goal is to quickly and in time to perform assembly and installation of split systems, to carry out maintenance of split systems, we do not make you wait because We appreciate the time and money of their customers!
Call us and you will be satisfied with the quality of our services!


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