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Staff-forwArDS - recruiting company. The main type of services is the recruitment of different levels. We always use an individual approach in the selection of personnel for each customer and are able to negotiate and understand the customer. There is no template or job candidates. We always consider the particular client's business.

Our experts have experience recruiting in many industries and areas of business.
One of the main areas identified is the selection of the medical staff, which is uncharacteristic of the industry for recruitment companies.

We carry out recruitment in the following areas:

Doctors of various specialties

Administrative staff

Sales Force

Selection of specialists and managers for pharmaceutical production

Experts in clinical research

The nursing staff


Nurses to care for the sick.

Our specialists work every day to expand the base of candidates of the health professions.

We also provide staff recruitment in the following areas:

Trade (FMCG, wholesale)

administrative staff

Accounting and Finance


marketing, advertising and PR

Logistics and Transportation

Types of technology active search, which we use in recruitment:

Classic Recruitment (Recruitment);

direct search for candidates (Executive Search);

poaching particular specialist "headhunting" (Head-hunting).

The company's mission Staff-forwArDS - work hard for the development of our clients' businesses.

The main goal - to provide high-quality staff, which will best meet the stated requirements of our customers.


Staff-forwArDS - recruitment company

Tel.: (044) 451 72 11

Mob. 050 351 85 89

Mob. 096 445 21 27

03680 Kyiv, str. Engineering, 44

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