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Русский перевод Unlimited XML AS3 Website Template Portfolio V2 - Original File

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Многофункциональный русфицированный шаблон Flash сайта, большое количество модулей расширят Ваши границы.

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DEMO Unlimited XML AS3 Website Template Portfolio V2 - Original File Updated

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FLA | SWF | XML | 53,37 МБ

Flashden support is working on the glitch with their preview, until then click the link above to see the site preview V2 is now available for download!

Swf Address Deep Linking has been added! Works great with the smart navigation menu highlighting. Also fixed the four small bugs that were found.


Add / Position / Style from XML an unlimited number of html text blocks, images, or video spots. Actionscript 3 loops through each image or article tag and adds
them to the content page. Every image can have a video popup / swf popup / slideshow popup / image popup / full content page popup / or internal page link
attached to it’s click event. Here is an example of the all the properties you can set on an image from XML . http://pastie.org/582172 As per my experience AS3
doesn’t do a great job with html and css. So with this content module you can simply put an image or html article anywhere within the content page by
specifying it’s x and y, kinda like absolute positioning a div with CSS . If you want to design an entire new page layout in Photoshop, all you have to do is
design it and splice it, like you would an html page, then with XML position your images and text blocks. Text blocks are wrapped in CDATA tags and imported
to AS3 as htmltext so you can style all of your text with an external stylesheet. You can add internal or external links within your html text as well. You can
also add a swf to your content pages or even a slideshow! The portfolio pages show off best the endless possibilites of what you can create with the content
module. Check out the Content Popup!! You can specify your page’s width / height / background color / background opacity / scroll base color / and scroller color
from XML . Also since AS3 loops through your images in order, you can stack images on top of images, or html articles on top of images.All of the content,
service, portfolio, and blog pages were created with the content utility.


The portfolio pages were actually built with the content module, with a slight twist on the way the images animate in! You can re-design the layout anyway you
like from XML . You can add video pop-ups to your images, full content page pop-ups, super-sized image pop-ups, swf pop-ups, or internal page links! The
full content page pop up shows of this utilities muscles the best.


Mix&match page/sub pages however you like. Every time a main navigation or sub navigation button is clicked, the button(s) remain highlighted or in an active
state. This ensures your visitors never forget what page they are on. Also if you add internal links throughout the site, the smart navigation automatically
highlights the new page/sub-page that the user has landed on. You can also add external links or load your own external swfs.


Add as many news articles as you like from XML . Two different layouts were created, a small article layout and a large article layoug. However you can
totally redesign either by editing the XML . The blog/news pages were built with the content module so you can inclued a pop-up that is a full content page / swf
/ video / or super-sized image.


Set width / height / speed / bg-color / info text background color / info text background opacity / button-color / button-over-color / button-text-color /
button-over-text-color / ALL FROM XML without opening flash. The awesome part about this utility is that it can be added to your content pages!


Create as many photo module pages as you want. Images are automatically resized based on the user’s screen dimensions. Since photos are automatically scaled
perfectly, your photo pages will look great at 800?600 or 1920?1200. A smooth scrolling thumbnail panel allows you to add unlimited photos per gallery.
Features also include forward and back buttons, HTML /CSS styled text when you hover over the image, and XML driven tooltip text for your thumbnails.


Setup as many or as few team pages as you want. In this template I created a category for Management, Directors, Developers, and Artists. The inclusion of a
smooth scrolling thumbnail panel allows you to add as many or as few team members as you like, with xml driven tooltip text. Text, Photos, Thumbnails, and
Fullsized Images are all XML driven, so there is no need to recompile your .swf everytime you want to change a team members text or photo! Plus a super-sized
image is displayed when the full size team member image is clicked.


Includes all the features a good video module should have. Lets you seek wherever you want, buffers a couple seconds ahead of time. Full screen enabled.
Play pause buttons, nice volume controls, automatically mutes the mp3 player while playing. You can set video width and height from xml! And the best part it
can be called as a pop-up from content pages, services pages, blog pages, and portfolio pages.


Each field is validated to make sure your visitor has entered information in all three fields before the email is sent. PHP enabled. This contact form uses a
super simple PHP script to shoot an email to you once a user has filled out the form, simply change two variables inside the php script to point to your email
address. Position all text and even the form fields from xml. You can also add images, external and internal page links. Position x – y – width – height of
everything from xml. Plus you can set the page width – height – background color – and background opacity from XML


I built in a couple extra nice features here. You can attach a different background image to each page if you want, and also choose to have that bg-image
tiled or centered. You can also choose to display a screen on top of your image from XML .


Load an infinite number of mp3s into this module from XML . Features hover scroll, a very nice animation in and out when you hover over a track, tooltip
for volume percentage, total track length and time ellapsed.


Photos Several of the images used throughout the site were provided courtesy of http://www.photos8.com The absolute best public domains photos I have seen on
the net.


FLA | SWF | XML | 53,37 МБ


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